FIFO is proud to work closely with its sister agency, Emarketeers, a specialist provider of digital training and consulting services.

Best of breed digital training and consulting

FIFO is proud to work closely with its sister agency, Emarketeers bringing best of breed digital knowledge to all of its clients and projects.

In 2006, Jonathan Saipe, co-founder of FIFO, started Emarketeers. His mission was to inform and educate professionals in online marketing practices and skills.

Digital knowledge in a rapidly evolving landscape

With the pace of technological change at an all time high, marketing professionals often find themselves unable to run digital campaigns or effectively manage their suppliers providing online marketing services. So, training courses and workshops in all things digital are very much welcomed.

Accreditation and Partnerships

Emarketeers is really proud to be accredited by Chartered Institute of Marketing, as well as partnering with the Guardian and the IPA.

A fast growing business

Now Emarketeers has over 13 specialist trainers leading a growing number of digitally related courses from mobile apps and information architecture, to web content strategy and online video.

Take a look at Emarketeers' current digital training courses and start growing your knowledge!

If you'd like to discuss your digital training or consulting needs, do get in touch.

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Guardian Media Academy

in 2009, The Guardian and Emarketeers jointly founded The Guardian Media Academy offering better digital learning for all audiences.


Emarketeers is a member of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), and founder, Jonathan Saipe, sits on the IAB Talent Council.


Emarketeers works with the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, delivering their digital ‘energiser’ sessions at their Central London offices.

Chartered Institute of Marketing

The internationally recognised Chartered Institute of Marketing has accredited Emarketeers' online marketing courses.

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