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British Council: Visual Arts Gallery Website


The British Council is a large and well known government agency dedicated to promoting the appreciation of the UK's creative achievements and ideas abroad. As part of a visual arts directive, the British Council required a database driven website which would promote the internationally acclaimed visual arts collection. The collection, started in the 1930's, contains over 8000 works by British artists. All technology needed to conform to British Council standards. Furthermore, given the international nature of the website, all "client-side" (browser) technology needed to conform to lowest possible common denominators in terms of browser and platform accessibility compliance.


In answer to the brief, FIFO created a stand-alone website built with its own unique 'visual arts' style tying in with British Council brand guidelines. Utilising a simple yet elegant gallery space design allowed for easy viewing and downloading among international visitors using older technology and low bandwidth. The website adhered to existing British Council technical infrastructure using MS SQL to store data and provide content management.

If you would like to learn more about this case study or FIFO's website design services in general, please call Jonathan Saipe on 0845 680 1236 or email us.

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