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Hamish Morrow: Fashion Ecommerce Website


Well known for his unique combinations of sportswear and couture, utility and high-fashion luxury, London-based fashion designer Hamish Morrow required an ecommerce website to showcase his work.


FIFO created a website that would function both as a virtual gallery space and an online boutique were limited edition pieces could be purchased online.

Using embedded Flash animation, the website has a slick, contemporary and stylish look and feel. The neutral palette and simple, minimalist design allows the designer’s collections to speak for themselves.

The ecommerce functionality was developed uing Pinnacle Cart shopping cart platform.

If you would like to learn more about this project or FIFO's e-commerce web design services, please call Jonathan Saipe on 0845 680 1236 or email us.

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Conceptual design of luxury branded ecommerce website promoting couture lifestyle and exclusive fashion


Design and development of fashion and lifestyle product website using Pinnaclecart ecommerce platform


Brand development and website design for the UK's leading processor of real-time online payments.

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