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RI3K: Integrated Digital Campaigns & GUI Design


RI3K formed in 2000, and have since become a leading global technology provider for the reinsurance industry by developing an online platform called "the Hub". The RI3K Hub provides a fully electronic infrastructure for reinsurers to manage the administration and data distribution of their reinsurance contracts and technical accounts.

In order to facilitate their initial launch, ri3k sought an agency that could provide a strong and broad integrated skillset in order to assist them in marketing and product planning and development.


Given the complexity of developing the original product in what was largely unchartered territory, FIFO worked very closely with RI3K almost as an integrated team rather than as an outsourced web design agency.

Deliverables included the: the design and development of RI3K's global corporate identity and brand style, the design and programming of marketing websites in 3 Western and 3 Asian languages, corporate brochure design and production, proof-of-concept ebusiness application development allowing product managers to carry out user testing and analysis, and finally software interface design where FIFO's designers worked closely with RI3K's internal development team and product managers.

If you would like to learn more about this case study or FIFO's integrated and software interface design services, please call Jonathan Saipe on 0845 680 1236 or email us.

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FIFO played a significant role in creating RI3K's original brand, integrated marketing collateral, software interfaces and early proof of concept applications. We couldn't have asked for a more talented team of designers and developers.

Alex Letts, CEO, RI3K

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