We create user-centric, SEO friendly websites and online campaigns that deliver measurable results.

SEO Friendly Website Design

You may well have heard lots of web design agencies claim to build SEO friendly websites. It's one of those things that is obligatory on your CV. But dig a little deeper and you may expose holes.

At FIFO, our SEO knowledge runs very deep. Thanks to our partnership with Emarketeers, a leading supplier of SEO training courses, we are very proud of our SEO web design expertise.

We will not only promise to build your website using every possible search ranking factor available, but we will also manage your SEO campaigns post launch.

Content Management Systems

Nowadays, the phrase content management system is synonymous with website design and development. You rarely have one without the other.

Over the past decade, we have deployed many content management systems from best-of-breed, to open source.

We have worked with products ranging from IBM Lotus Domino and Interwoven, to open source software frameworks, such as MODx and Symfony.

For many projects, FIFO recommends MODx CMS working closely within the MODx community. We like its robustness and our clients love its features.

Talk to us about your content management requirements and we'll help you choose the right solution that will meet your needs.

Ecommerce Solutions

In the heady world of web 2.0, ecommerce is alive and well. In fact it's better than that, it's positively bursting at the seams.

However, many businesses launching ecommerce websites have focussed too heavily on functionality, losing site of their commercial goals.

We approach ecommerce website design holistically, looking at the creative, the technology and the users. But critically we don't lose sight of the marketing strategy.

Every ecommerce project, whether it is built in ePages, Magento or Pinnacle Cart, is given the same holistic love and attention.

And we believe the results speak for themselves.

Blog Design

With the massive rise of Twitter and other microblogging services, many pundits feared that blogs and blogging would suffer a decline.

However blogging still perseveres - and rightly so. Its content remains your SEO real-estate, attracting backlinks and revists from search engines, and it also remains your brand engagement ammunition. In short, it is your digital legacy and should not be undervalued.

At FIFO, we can help design your blog, develop it on your preferred platform and ensure that it fits seamlessly into your SEO and social media strategy.

Email Marketing

Don't knock email marketing! It is still considered to be one of the most powerful and cost effective online marketing tools used by digital marketers. Get it right, and your ROI can be sky high.

However, it is getting harder and harder to get noticed, which means email open and click-rates are struggling.

At FIFO, we won't stop at designing and building your email templates. We willl help advise you on a plethora of other activity including broadcasting options, customer segmentation, your touch strategy and even your sense and respond strategy.

We'll measure the results, and if things don't work, we'll try A/B tests for you until the results are what you expected.

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